You got products & services
+ We got targeted traffic
= Win win for both

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Pursuit Media specializes in achieving top search engine positions for niche keywords and driving valuable targeted traffic to our affiliate partners. We focus on building great content sites that promote the best products and services. Our model is 100% performance based.

Who We Are ?

Pursuit Media is a website publisher with a number of online properties. We have our own in-house designers, content writers and data researchers...
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Partner With Us

Did you wish you could dominate the online world for your chosen business niche? Look no further. At Pursuit Media, we have a strong position in several...
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What we do ?

Pursuit Media positions your product or service in targeted media properties and delivers a relevant brand message to engage people who are online...
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Why Choose Us?

We Shoulder Your Marketing Arm

Pursuit Media serves as an extension of your marketing department. Today's online market ecosystem continually changes and throws in lot of new challenges. So having a diversified marketing strategy is no longer a luxury – it's a necessity. By having the right partners with reach and a keen understanding of the varied marketing expertise not only helps your business to stay stable but also helps to grow to the next level.

We Save You Time And Money

We have repeatedly proven with our full-service approach and our market research capabilities that, we can increase sales while reducing customer acquisition costs by as much as two-thirds. We deliver clicks that convert to a qualified inquiry or a sale to your website at a low cost. Our unmatched expertise, reach and low cost, position us as a valuable partner in helping your business to generate more revenue.

We Send You Customers, Not Visitors

The online world is moving from cost per click to cost per acquisition business model. Why spend your precious marketing dollars on hundreds of visitors who come to your site every day but never buy anything? With a performance based web publishing company like ours, you get hundreds of leads without incurring any initial investments on your own. In other words, we get paid only when we get you a sale.

We Offer Long Term Partnerships

We are a creative, close-knit, hard-working and fun-loving bunch. We are passionate about what we do and we consistently look for new partners who share our values and passion. We understand that by providing quality information and by promoting best products and services, at the end of the day the consumer wins, our partner wins and we win, thereby benefiting everyone involved.